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The Free Church of Scotland is a mainstream church dating from 1843 but with its roots in the Reformation. It owes its distinctive title to its historical struggle to remain ‘free’ from state interference in its internal affairs.

The Free Church of Scotland has close and active relations with many other Reformed Christian churches throughout the world and stands firmly in the tradition which accepts the Bible in its entirety as the Word of God and, therefore, derives its forms of teaching, worship, ministry and government from it.

What does the Free Church believe?

The main emphasis of our beliefs can be summarised in the headings below:

  • A Bible Church
  • A Gospel Church
  • A Mission Church
  • A Contemporary Church

As a consequence, in all our congregations each Sunday you will hear the same wonderful message explained from the Bible and applied to everyday life: Jesus Christ, both fully God and fully human, came into the world to seek out and rescue lost, sinful men and women, by bearing their guilt and condemnation on his Cross and rising again to life in victory over sin and death and hell. Because of him Christians live transformed lives. It is this message, far more than any historic or cultural distinctive, that defines us.

This is what we are about. 

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